Death Is Not Wild And Terrible

by Death Is Not Wild And Terrible

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released October 28, 2016



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Death Is Not Wild And Terrible Neenah, Wisconsin

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Track Name: Everyone's Lives
Well my body fell apart, cause when I fall, I fall hard. Well have you been there? have you been there? I bet if you stood up straight you could rearrange you’re face and you’d be happier. Would you be happier? And its often that I think that people think the worst of me, but thats not true. yeah I know thats not true. And a fire’s always warmest when you’re standing close enough to fall in.
I won’t open my eyes, not even when I see the light light up my eyelids pink and red.
I will pretend to sleep, hoping you kiss me on the cheek and whisper something meant for the sleeping me. Well is that deceptive? Is that dishonest? I am dying to know what you want to say but don’t. Is that deceptive? Is that dishonest? if I open my eyes will you be there?
Track Name: County Line
Father told me son, don’t close your eyes.
Mother told me run the water, watch it rise.
Well isn’t it fun when everybody’s fine?
Watch the fire burn to the county line.
Why am I always running away?
In the dark.
Breathing slowly, exhale. Once past your lips the air turns stale.
Exalt the sky it brings you light, and curse the ground for taking life.
Track Name: Stagger
Speak now peaceful men.
Fight now tragic men.
What now breathless men?
Run now evil men.
Fight hard breath little, stagger forward meet your grave.
Peace whispered, violence shouted;
Long live the king, long live the king.
Track Name: Fish Kiss
I cut down the tallest tree, carved my name and then it hit me.
I am not insignificant, I am just selfish.
I’ve never been to the East Coast, but I hear that its beautiful.
I’d love to visit someday, would you like to visit with me?
I saw a creek and I ran to it, took off my clothes and I swam in it.
I made friends with the fishes, they told me I could kiss them.
My parents house is red brick, yeah I’ll always remember it.
When they are dead and gone someone else will live in it.
And that breaks my heart.
But maybe its beautiful that someone else can take the shell and make it their own.
And if thats the case then I apologize for ever calling it my home.
Track Name: hell & night & cold
You set down your armor, and you caught your breath.
And I grabbed my dagger, and I drove it in.
Below your ribs, below your ribs.
I felt your last breath leaving your lips.
The last thing you said, you whispered to death.
You said I’m not afraid, I’m not afraid.
Now open those gates, welcome me home.
Heavenly hosts sing, Hallelujah.
Hallelujah, Hallelujah in the highest.
Glory be to God, glory in the highest.
Death is hell and night and cold if not redeemed by you.
Track Name: Energy
Thats what you meant to me. Thats what bitter orphans sing. Thats empty bottles and all your pent up energy. It’s what you take from me when you tell me all of this has been with me in mind. Well you’ll have to forgive me, cause I think I’m still angry. And I’m trying hard not to be. Cause its so hard to see you hurt those close to me. And all the broken promises and lessons learned in why its easier to run away. Why its easier to lie. Why its easier to push away. Why its easier to lie. And I know I don’t understand. But if you could help me see why we were not enough, why you felt you had to leave. Why’d you have to leave? Shouldn’t I know better by now? Why am I still here? Listening to your steps get quite in the back of my head. I wish I walked away first. Well haven’t I wished you dead a hundred times again, again, again, Im sorry. Have you ever seen yourself so tall? Your shadow cast across us all, in the light of it all. And you were looking the other way. And I’ve never seen myself so small. And I’ve never been across that water. Did you see me trying, did you see me drowning?